joão sobral

b. 1991

porto, pt

london, uk

Money Worries #1

"Money Worries" is a comics zine series I started in 2014 with the intention of talking about money and the pervert way it currently works. It is named after a homonymous song by The Maytones.

The first issue was produced and published by me (through O Panda Gordo) in collaboration with 1359, a gallery and bookshop based in Lisbon, Portugal. It was riso printed in an edition of 75 numbered copies within the context of a micro-residency I made at 1359.

All its drawings were digitally made but I've just come across some sketches from when I started working on the comic and I will be posting them here.

Postcard swap with Ed

The image posted before this text is a postcard about cactus I sent to Edward Cheverton, a nice and talented buddy whose work you have to know because it's pretty good and will certaintly put a smile on your face.

He founded the Postcard Club to promote postcard swaps between artists around the world. And he's also starting a really promising small press caled Jazz Dad Books.

You can have a look at our full swap here and see more of his work here.

my songs at Gentle Records

"Frio" is a single which b-side is "Noite". Both songs were published by Gentle Records, a really cool netlabel from Porto. I think you definitely should have a look at their catalogue. I'm not just saying it because they are my friends and have published my songs. Believe me.

The songs were recorded at Coelho Radioactivo's studio. He is quite a good friend of mine and has produced my songs beautifully. I've designed the artwork myself from a drawing I made for a school work.

dance with mr. spoqui!

The drawing I've just published here was featured on the latest issue of the spectacular zine Mr. Spoqui, which is about dance!

The other collaborators are Aitor González, Akvilė Misevičiūtė, Avi Roberts, Chris Harnan, Elisa Freitas, Elliot Freeman, Julia Balthazar, Karoline Achilles, Kodi Fabricant, Marianna Madriz, Mike Driver, Taís Koshino and Thales Lira.

Know more about it here.

There are only seven stories in the world

I've just published a zine, through O Panda Gordo (new website online!), featuring a 4 page comic by me and also another six comics by Bárbara Fonseca, Diogo Bessa, Zé Cardoso, Sofia Palma, João Drumond and Amanda Baeza, to whom I'm very thankful.

The zine is called "There are only seven stories in the world" and it's based on the Seven Basic Plots by Arthur Quiller-Couch. You can see a flip-through here. If you're interested in grabbing a copy, say something.

The previous image on this blog is the first page of my comic which is about the relationship between a woman and a man.

zine for trade

In the image that precedes this text, you can see a zine I made for my Illustration class, with 30 drawings I made during some lessons as warm-up exercises.

After having delivered it, I printed 11 more copies to swap with anyone who wants to.

So if you want to make a trade, just e-mail me.



Hi, my name is João Sobral.

This blog is where I'm going to publish some of the drawings I've been making. Its title is written in portuguese and is stolen from the lyrics of a song by Pega Monstro.

I'm currently studying Communication Design at FBAUP (Porto, Portugal) but I'm about to go to London in an Erasmus exchange at Central Saint Martins.

I have a self-publishing project named O Panda Gordo and I also like to take photos.

Now that I've introduced myself, I hope you find something pleasant here.